Jana Pérez. A doctor or an athlete?

Hello! My name is Jana. I´m thirteen years old and I live in Mogro, Cantabria. I study second year of Secundary in La Albericia. I have got one sister. Her name is Andrea and she´s fifteen.

I think I´m a good person who likes helping people. I´m nice but not very talkative and a little shy. Also I think I´m very hard-working.

Jana Pérez selfieI´m dark. I have got dark brown eyes  and long curly brown hair. I am average tall and slim, perhaps because I love sports. I practice a lot of them, for example: skiing, swimming, cycling, hiking, surfing and climbing. But my two favourite are athletics and Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

I do athletics in winter. I train three days a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, for an hour and a half. I´m the current javelin champion of Cantabria in my age group. In summer I do SUP because in winter the water is cold. I also compete. I´m the second in Cantabria.

I like reading and playing with my sister too.

I don´t know what I will study in the future. It would be great if i could become an international star in sport. I may study medicine but I am not sure yet.


1 and 2 ESO students day trip to puente viesgo

On the 1st day of Octviaverdeontanedaober all the students in 1º and 2º ESO went on an excursion. We took the bus at the school and started walking as soon as we arrived in Ontaneda. Along the path we could see saw different types of plants, different types of animals, like cows, goats, dogs and more.

We only stopped once, in the middle of the journey, in a the playground and park of a village. We ate our sandwiches, drank our juice and rested for a little while. We played cards, danced and others played football. Then we had to resume our walk. We played some music to cheer up and approximately in an hour we arrived to Puente Viesgo.

The bus was waiting for us, we got in and the bus took us to the high school.


Baseball – Mario Cantera

Hi, I am going to write about my favorite sport: Baseball!
I love baseball and I would like to explain all the rules in baseball but I can´t because there are miles, today I am just going to describe this sport and some of its rules.
When you play baseball, the first thing that you have to learn is how the ball is thrown, how to catch the ball, and finally how to hit.
When you know all of that, you have to learn the rules such as the count of strikes, what you have to do when you catch the ball and, most important, catch the signs, etc…
But first let us look at the defense; when you are going to play baseball you have to assign a position in the defense, you can be: pitcher, catcher, (these are the most important players in all games) first base, second base, third base, shortstop, right field, center field or left field, all do different things and all have to be always very heedful.
In baseball when your team have to attack they have to hit the ball with a baseball bat, this is always difficult but with time you will have a good swing and you will bat very well. I willBaseball_Diamond explain you how to bat; First depending on whether you are right or left handed, you have to be on one side or the other of the batter´s box, when you are well positioned, you have to grab the handle end of the bat with your bad hand next to your other hand, load your weight on the leg that is closest the backstop and take the bat back, when you think the pitched ball is good spin, the hip takes a small step forward and try to hit the ball!
Depending on how far the ball goes, run to first, second or third base but careful! the defense of the other team can eliminate you if they touch you with the ball or if they step the base with possession of the ball.
This is the only thing that I will explain about baseball this time but maybe I am going to present more classwork about baseball so you can continue learning about this wonderful sport.
I play in a baseball team called Jotatresa, but now this sport in Spain is not very popular. I hope that in the future more people will venture to practice baseball and like it as much or more as I do.

Excursion to Suances

On Friday 3rd October, all groups of 3º E.S.O. went to a trip from Barreda to Suances. It was our first excursion during the school year and we were all very excited. The day was expected to be fun and very nice.
The bus left us at the begining of the pedestrian way that connects Barreda with Suances, so we started walking from there.
During the march, we all speak, shout and laugh a lot. We told jokes, riddles and gossips, and we played some games, such as “Characters” or guessing films and books.
The compact mass the group formed at the beginning was stretching more and more, so people who was in the lead had to wait from laggards.
After having stopped for about fiveExcursion to Suances by Carmen Martínez 3 ESO times, faster people got upset and started walking in their own rate; the result was a difference of about ten or fifteen minutes from the arrive to Suances of the first group and the time students at the back finally got the beach where we were resting at.
There, we could wet our feet in the sea inlet; after a while in which we were allowed to buy some candy or stuff like that (a bit difficult, certainly, because all stores were closed), the bus arrived and we took off to the high-school. It was a fantastic day!
Carmen Martínez González de la Lastra 3 ESO

Excursion to Suances by Carmen Martínez 3 ESO