Hunger Games – review by Alia Ramos

I chose to read this book as homework for the English class because I thought it could be easy. I read it very fast, and I liked it as much as the time I read it in Spanish.
Ihungert tells the story of a girl called Katniss who lives in a dystopic U.S.A divided in 12 districts ruled by a Capitol. Every year the Capitol selects two under 18-year-olds (a boy and a girl) from each district to fight between them until all but one dies. One year, Katniss’ little sister is selected by a raffle, and Katniss presents herself as a volunteer to fight in the Hunger Games. The other guy selected in her district (district 12) is called Peeta Mellark.
They both travelled to the Capitol to prepare themselves with the other 22 fighters. A few days later, the government moves them to a very big stadium. And there starts the action…
I liked it so much because it tells a story of fight against the system, and fight with what is common, and it has also a bit about friendship and love. The main character, Katniss, is a 16-year-old girl that goes to the forest every day to hunt to give her family something to eat. She is a brave and modest person, but she’s not my favourite character. That’s Peeta Mellark, the guy who travels with Katniss, because he knows what to say in every moment and he is also brave and very strong.


Tom Gates: Everything’s Amazing – Review by Juan Carlos Higuera

Two weeks ago I finished reading this book. I really liked it because it’s easy to understand and great fun.
Tom Gates gtomgates amazingoes to Oakfield School. His best friend is Derek Fingle and his favourite teacher is Mr Fullerman, the Arts and Science teacher. Tom hates his classmate Marcus Meldrew because he’s quite silly.
In break time Tom and his friends usually play ‘Champ’. You need a small ball to play it. With chalk you draw a champ square divided into four small squares. You must use your hand to hit the ball. Only one bounce is allowed, but the ball can go to any of the four squares. To become the champ you move around the squares and you must try to stay in the champ square as long as possible to become the ULTIMATE CHAMP.
Tom, Derek and his classmate Norman Watson have created a music band called ’Dogzombies’. Tom likes rock and his favourite group is Dude 3.
He lives with his parents and his sister Delia. Tom says that Delia is annoying and she always wears sunglasses.
Tom’s favourite subject is Arts because he loves drawing and doodling in his notebooks.
I recommend this book to everybody because you never get bored when you read it and it helps you learn a lot of English expressions.

A recipe for a Roscón by Carmen Martínez

roscon-de-reyesHi! Today, as we are on Christmas, I’m writing the recipe of the Three Wise Men’s cake, which is eaten in most Spanish homes on 6th January morning. It’s a round-shaped cake, made of puff pastry or sponge and often filled up with cream. Sometimes, some pieces of sugar coated fruit or nuts are put above the cake. Here is the recipe for the cake and the necessary ingredients:

Ingredients (for eight people):

  • 320 g. of wheat flour and a bit more, to knead (it must be hard wheat flour).
  • 25 g. of fresh baking leavening.125 ml. of whole milk.
  • 100 g. of sugar.
  • 75 g. of unsalted butter (it must be warm).
  • 2 eggs (not too big).
  • Orange zest.
  • A big spoon of orange blossom water.
  • A nibble of salt.
  • Some nuts or sugar coated fruits, to decorate.

How to make it:

  • First, we dissolve the leaving into the milk, which must be warm. We leave the mix for 15 minutes so that the leaving activates itself.
  • Then, we make a volcano with the 320 g. of flour, and we add the orange zest, the sugar and the milk with the leaving. We mix everything.
  • We add the butter, the orange blossom water, one egg and the salt.We mix everything and add a bit more of flour, until the mass becomes a bit harder, without being sticky.
  • We make a ball with the mass and we leave it in a warm place for 3 hours.
  • After that time, we knead the mass so that the air comes out, we give it a round shape and we put it on an over tray; we put it again in the warm place and we wait for 2 hours.
  • Finally, we put it in the oven, previously preheated, at 165 ºC, for about 25 minutes. Before putting it in the oven, we can decorate it with the fruit and paint it with the resting egg yolk. Also, we can make a mixture of 25g. of sugar and some drops of water and spread it over the cake. It will look like it has snowed above your Three King’s cake.

Carmen Martínez González de la Lastra

EVOLUZIÓN – reviewed by Susana Seco

Three weeks ago I went with my family to a comedy show at Palacio de Festivales in Santander. We went to see the comedian Goyo JiméEvoluzionnez that stars in a show called EVOLUZIÓN.

He told us many funny jokes. We laughed a lot. He talked about religion, politics, Chinese, monkeys… always with good humor and laughs. He told us some things about human evolution: from monkeys to humans. It was great fun. The show lasted for 2 hours and a half but it seemed short.

I recommend the show because you will definitely laugh. You will really enjoy the show. The money is worth and the comedian is very good. I loved it.
Susana Seco

Skateboarding – a sport for girls by Elisa Carballo

I am going to write about one of my hobbies: skateboarding.
I started when I was 7 ye7fbfc2d42e4f49777f7a6fdd85eaa6d4ars old, when my parents gave one skate to my brother. When that one broke, I quit skateboarding.
2 or 3 years ago the “fashion” restarted with the penny and the long board. I have one penny. It is a small skate, a long-board is also a skate but longer.
My friends have a penny too because they are small, but other friends have a long board too.
I like skateboarding, because it’s a sport that you can practice in a lot of places. A lot of people talk about skateboarding, and say: ‘it is a boys sport’ or ‘a girl who practices skateboarding is like a boy’. I think that all the sports are for all the people.
Elisa Carballo Alonso

Pretty Little Liars – review by Lara Saiz and Shuqin Puente

This is a suspense tv series which started in 2010. The series is about a group of five friends. One is the popular and the leader (Alison), other is480 the swot (Spencer), another is the prettiest one (Aria), the fat one (Hanna) and the good girl (Emily).
One day, while all of them were sleeping in a pijama party, Alison disappeared. Nobody found her body, and everybody thought that she was dead.
Without their leader, the group started dividing. Aria went to another country for one year, and the others made other friends: Hanna became the popular, Spencer stayed at the same line and Emily started swimming in a profesional team.
One year later, when Aria came back, someone found Alison’s body. All was “good” until in the funeral the group of friends received an anonymous message, more followed. Their lives started to change.
Now, they must find out who is sending the messages without saying anything to anybody. All they know is someone is sending them messages.
Will they find “A”? Will they stay together?
If you wan to know… watch the series, it’s really good.

A trip to the theatre – by Guillermo Antolín

The last 4th of December, the students in 3 ESO bilingual section went to IES Pereda, to attend a performance by `La Boheme.’’ They play was called: “Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours.´´

The show was very funny; everybody laughed. Many students from different high schools such as Las Llamas, Alisal, and Torresquevedo… went to IES Pereda. We went by bus, but we returned on foot. When we arrive, we took this selfie.
Guillermo Antolínteatroguille