Hi everybody! Ramón Díaz Noval

Hi! My name is Ramón Díaz Noval. I’m from Santander, Cantabria. I’m fourteen years old, and I was born on the first of August in 2001. I study 3 ESO at I.E.S La Albericia.

I live with my father, Ramón, with my mother, Francisca or Paky, if you want, with my brother, Manuel, and with my dog, Odi.

I’m not a very tall boy, but I don’t really mind, I have  short black hair and brown eyes.

I lived in San FernandoMy Selfie Ramón Díaz Noval de Henares, Madrid, for 7 or 8 years. A very beautiful time of my life. Because my father  needed to work there. My father got promoted and had to move. We needed to live at my grandparents’ house in Santander for a while until we bought my current house.

I love football, it’s my passion, I love playing football, watching, playing on Play station… I just love it! I play football for Pandas Club in Santander. My favourite teams are Atletico de Madrid and Racing Club of Santander. In the future I would like to be a coach or referee probably. In general I like all sports, but basketball and football are my favourite sports.

In the future I will go to the university to study robotics or something similar. Then, I will become a police officer.



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