Lucía C

Hello! I’m Lucía Cuesta. I’m 13 years old. My birthday is on the 18th of April. I live in El Alisal, in Santander with my parents and my sister. Her name is Angela and she is younger then me, 8Lucia Cuesta selfie years old.

I’m shy, funny, disorganized, idle, discreet… My sister says that I´m boring but I am not.

I like chips, pizza… In my free time I like playing with my friends, cooking, athletics and animals. I don’t like soup and I hate people that tell lies. I panic in front of whales and needles.

In the future I would like to be a teacher in a nursery school because I love babies and young children.


Lucía J

Hi! I’m Lucia Jorrín Merino. I’m 13 years old. I live in Santander with my family but I go to Reinosa at the weekends. I go to the Albericia secondary school. I don’t have any brothers or sisteMy selfie Lucía Jorrínrs.
My friends and my family say that I study a lot, but I don’t think so. I like being responsible with my works  and with my homework.
I like travelling, specially to London where I stay with my aunt. I like hanging out with friends and enjoy the time with my family. I like listening to music and going to the cinema, too.
I am not sure what I will be doing in the future, but I’d prefer to work in a school or to make my living on something connected to art, because I love drawing.

Óscar B

Hello I´m Óscar Barquilla from 2E1. I´m thirteen years old. I have got  one sister and thirteen cousins. I´m the yÓscar Barquillaoungest in my family! My favourite colour is blue and my favourite number is thirteen, of course. My favourite food is rice. I can cook rice and clams… delicious!

I´m the goalkeeper of Rayo Cantabria. This is my second year with Rayo Cantabria. Before I used to play for Marina Sport and then I practiced athletics in the team Pielagos Inelegma.I like rock and roll. Yeahh! My favourite bands are Kiss, Queen, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. I like videogames too but I would not describe myself as a serious player.

Irene H

Hi! My name is Irene, I’m 12 years old. I was born on the 20th of October in 2002 in Santander, Cantabria on the north coast of Spain. I have a sister called Marina and she’s 17 years old, she goes to my same school, La Albericia. I live near where I study in a flat with my mom, dselfie.irene hornazabalad and sister. The area is called El Alisal.

Physically, I have long wavy brown hair. I think I’m  slim person and have got brown eyes.

I am now studying second year ESO with all my friends. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I train in athletics. I started recently but I really enjoy it and I think that is worthy because I meet my friends and I do some sports together. So far I have played many sports like ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and athletics but in primary school it was just playing games.

Well, I admit that I can be impatient at times but, nevertheless, I’m an active and fun. I like making friends. My favourite food is pizza, obviously, and macaroni but I don’t like beans or raisins.

Miguel K

Hi! I´m Miguel, i´m 13 years old. my birthday is on the 25th of January. I don´t have any brother orMiguel Kouvchinove Selfie sister. I live in Cazoña, Santander.

My friends tell me that I’m happy, funny, nice and bold. But honestly I´m really very shy with people I don´t know.

I love listening to music, specially a girl band called Sweet California, but I like other artists too. One thing that I hate is football. I don’t like playing it. I don’t like watch it, really I don’t like it.

In the future I want to work as a TV host, or something related to media

Dani López

Hello, I´m Dani López, I´m 13 years old, I live in Santander, this is my first year in this high-school and I am really pleased I came here to study.

I haven´t got a brother or a sister, but I’ve got lots of friends.

I think I´m funny, sDani Lopez selfiemart, cheerful and playful but I can be stubborn, annoying and a little bit lazy too. My main hobbies are music and sports. I enjoy playing football and basketball a lot. I would like to be a goalkeeper for Atletico de Madrid. I usually practice Taek-wondo, which is another of my favourite sports.

I do not know what I will be when I´m older, but my dream is to become Atletico Madrid goalkeeper. As this is unlikely, I would like to be a physiotherapist. I have wanted to do that it since I was little, although I don´t know exactly why.

Hi! I’m Marina

Marina Blanco selfieHi! I’m Marina Blanco and I’m 13 years old, I live in San Roman, Santander, with my parents and sister, her name is Julia, and she goes to the same school as me.

I´m shy when I´m with people that I don´t know well, but when I´m with friends, they say I´m very funny.

My favourite hobby is playing football. I play football in a girl´s team. I like playing with my friends, too, but I prefer football.

I don´t know yet what I will do in the future. I would like to be a famous footballer in a girl´s team. As that might not be possible, I would like to be a veterinary or a primary school teacher.