Hunger Games – review by Alia Ramos

I chose to read this book as homework for the English class because I thought it could be easy. I read it very fast, and I liked it as much as the time I read it in Spanish.
Ihungert tells the story of a girl called Katniss who lives in a dystopic U.S.A divided in 12 districts ruled by a Capitol. Every year the Capitol selects two under 18-year-olds (a boy and a girl) from each district to fight between them until all but one dies. One year, Katniss’ little sister is selected by a raffle, and Katniss presents herself as a volunteer to fight in the Hunger Games. The other guy selected in her district (district 12) is called Peeta Mellark.
They both travelled to the Capitol to prepare themselves with the other 22 fighters. A few days later, the government moves them to a very big stadium. And there starts the action…
I liked it so much because it tells a story of fight against the system, and fight with what is common, and it has also a bit about friendship and love. The main character, Katniss, is a 16-year-old girl that goes to the forest every day to hunt to give her family something to eat. She is a brave and modest person, but she’s not my favourite character. That’s Peeta Mellark, the guy who travels with Katniss, because he knows what to say in every moment and he is also brave and very strong.



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