Pretty Little Liars – review by Lara Saiz and Shuqin Puente

This is a suspense tv series which started in 2010. The series is about a group of five friends. One is the popular and the leader (Alison), other is480 the swot (Spencer), another is the prettiest one (Aria), the fat one (Hanna) and the good girl (Emily).
One day, while all of them were sleeping in a pijama party, Alison disappeared. Nobody found her body, and everybody thought that she was dead.
Without their leader, the group started dividing. Aria went to another country for one year, and the others made other friends: Hanna became the popular, Spencer stayed at the same line and Emily started swimming in a profesional team.
One year later, when Aria came back, someone found Alison’s body. All was “good” until in the funeral the group of friends received an anonymous message, more followed. Their lives started to change.
Now, they must find out who is sending the messages without saying anything to anybody. All they know is someone is sending them messages.
Will they find “A”? Will they stay together?
If you wan to know… watch the series, it’s really good.



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