Today I’m going to write about something which is really important for me (try to guess…): volleyball! Yes, I’m writing a bit on this wonderful sport.
Well, the first thing you need to know is thcarmen volley 1at two teams with six players on each side play against the other team in a court divided by a net. The net can be higher or lower depending on the age of the players and the category they compete in. A ball is needed to play (I suppose you knew this already!)
Both teams try to avoid the ball bouncing on their own side of, and they must make it bounce on the other team’s side.
It’s a very fast and exciting sport. There are different positions: hitter, sweeper… So depending on your strength, complexion and skills, you can choose what to do and which things you can offer your team. I love it because it teaches you to trust your mates, and you learn that everybody can teach something to the others, not only about volleyball but also about honesty, fairness and comradeship. I think values play a very important role in this sport. All the players and the coach make a close circle and they help each other in difficult moments.
And that’s why I love volley!

Carmen Martínez González de la Lastra  carmen volley 3carmen volley 2



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