EVOLUZIÓN – reviewed by Susana Seco

Three weeks ago I went with my family to a comedy show at Palacio de Festivales in Santander. We went to see the comedian Goyo JiméEvoluzionnez that stars in a show called EVOLUZIÓN.

He told us many funny jokes. We laughed a lot. He talked about religion, politics, Chinese, monkeys… always with good humor and laughs. He told us some things about human evolution: from monkeys to humans. It was great fun. The show lasted for 2 hours and a half but it seemed short.

I recommend the show because you will definitely laugh. You will really enjoy the show. The money is worth and the comedian is very good. I loved it.
Susana Seco

Skateboarding – a sport for girls by Elisa Carballo

I am going to write about one of my hobbies: skateboarding.
I started when I was 7 ye7fbfc2d42e4f49777f7a6fdd85eaa6d4ars old, when my parents gave one skate to my brother. When that one broke, I quit skateboarding.
2 or 3 years ago the “fashion” restarted with the penny and the long board. I have one penny. It is a small skate, a long-board is also a skate but longer.
My friends have a penny too because they are small, but other friends have a long board too.
I like skateboarding, because it’s a sport that you can practice in a lot of places. A lot of people talk about skateboarding, and say: ‘it is a boys sport’ or ‘a girl who practices skateboarding is like a boy’. I think that all the sports are for all the people.
Elisa Carballo Alonso

Pretty Little Liars – review by Lara Saiz and Shuqin Puente

This is a suspense tv series which started in 2010. The series is about a group of five friends. One is the popular and the leader (Alison), other is480 the swot (Spencer), another is the prettiest one (Aria), the fat one (Hanna) and the good girl (Emily).
One day, while all of them were sleeping in a pijama party, Alison disappeared. Nobody found her body, and everybody thought that she was dead.
Without their leader, the group started dividing. Aria went to another country for one year, and the others made other friends: Hanna became the popular, Spencer stayed at the same line and Emily started swimming in a profesional team.
One year later, when Aria came back, someone found Alison’s body. All was “good” until in the funeral the group of friends received an anonymous message, more followed. Their lives started to change.
Now, they must find out who is sending the messages without saying anything to anybody. All they know is someone is sending them messages.
Will they find “A”? Will they stay together?
If you wan to know… watch the series, it’s really good.

A trip to the theatre – by Guillermo Antolín

The last 4th of December, the students in 3 ESO bilingual section went to IES Pereda, to attend a performance by `La Boheme.’’ They play was called: “Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours.´´

The show was very funny; everybody laughed. Many students from different high schools such as Las Llamas, Alisal, and Torresquevedo… went to IES Pereda. We went by bus, but we returned on foot. When we arrive, we took this selfie.
Guillermo Antolínteatroguille

Baseball – Mario Cantera

Hi, I am going to write about my favorite sport: Baseball!
I love baseball and I would like to explain all the rules in baseball but I can´t because there are miles, today I am just going to describe this sport and some of its rules.
When you play baseball, the first thing that you have to learn is how the ball is thrown, how to catch the ball, and finally how to hit.
When you know all of that, you have to learn the rules such as the count of strikes, what you have to do when you catch the ball and, most important, catch the signs, etc…
But first let us look at the defense; when you are going to play baseball you have to assign a position in the defense, you can be: pitcher, catcher, (these are the most important players in all games) first base, second base, third base, shortstop, right field, center field or left field, all do different things and all have to be always very heedful.
In baseball when your team have to attack they have to hit the ball with a baseball bat, this is always difficult but with time you will have a good swing and you will bat very well. I willBaseball_Diamond explain you how to bat; First depending on whether you are right or left handed, you have to be on one side or the other of the batter´s box, when you are well positioned, you have to grab the handle end of the bat with your bad hand next to your other hand, load your weight on the leg that is closest the backstop and take the bat back, when you think the pitched ball is good spin, the hip takes a small step forward and try to hit the ball!
Depending on how far the ball goes, run to first, second or third base but careful! the defense of the other team can eliminate you if they touch you with the ball or if they step the base with possession of the ball.
This is the only thing that I will explain about baseball this time but maybe I am going to present more classwork about baseball so you can continue learning about this wonderful sport.
I play in a baseball team called Jotatresa, but now this sport in Spain is not very popular. I hope that in the future more people will venture to practice baseball and like it as much or more as I do.

Remember the Titans – a review by Juan Carlos Higuera

Today I’m going to write about one of my favourite films. It is called Remember the Titans.
The argument is based on a true story. In 1971, in the Northern Virginia city of Alexandria, black and white students were mixed in a single high school cadenzel-remember-the-titanslled TC Williams High School with the aim of breaking racial segregation. This high school hired an African-American coach, Herman Boone, to coach the football team. Black and white football team members frequently insult each other but after many days and a lot of athletic training by Boone, the team achieves the racial harmony and success.
This film was made in 2000. The protagonists are Denzel Washington (Herman Boone), Will Patton (assistant coach Bill Yoast), Ryan Hurst (Captain Gerry Bertier) and Wood Harris (linebacker Julius Campbell).
My favourite character is Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) because he has no fear and he’s very brave and an excellent coach.
I recommend everybody to watch the film because I think it teaches a great lesson on how we all are human and colour skin doesn’t matter. That’s why I love this film.
Juan Carlos Higuera


Today I’m going to write about something which is really important for me (try to guess…): volleyball! Yes, I’m writing a bit on this wonderful sport.
Well, the first thing you need to know is thcarmen volley 1at two teams with six players on each side play against the other team in a court divided by a net. The net can be higher or lower depending on the age of the players and the category they compete in. A ball is needed to play (I suppose you knew this already!)
Both teams try to avoid the ball bouncing on their own side of, and they must make it bounce on the other team’s side.
It’s a very fast and exciting sport. There are different positions: hitter, sweeper… So depending on your strength, complexion and skills, you can choose what to do and which things you can offer your team. I love it because it teaches you to trust your mates, and you learn that everybody can teach something to the others, not only about volleyball but also about honesty, fairness and comradeship. I think values play a very important role in this sport. All the players and the coach make a close circle and they help each other in difficult moments.
And that’s why I love volley!

Carmen Martínez González de la Lastra  carmen volley 3carmen volley 2