Steins Gate review by Diego Ruiz Arcas

41011Steins Gate
Review by Diego Ruiz Arcas
I finished watching one of my favorites animes some days ago. It’s called Steins Gate. It´s about a group of friends who, without knowing it, created a time-machine, or at least, the beginning, because it can only send messages to the past and nothing else. In the same way that the story goes, more characters appears, but you´ll ground off with all of them.
The firsts chapters are funny, in calm, moving slowly with the argument, but the moment you hear: “-Eh? My clock’s not working…” get ready for the worst, because that will happen. After that, there are a lot of deaths again and again and again and more action. You’ll understand what I mean if you see it.
About music and animation? What can I say? I fell in love with both. I can’t stop listening to the opening and the animation goes correctly and the characters are very well drawn. It has got manga, an audiovisual novel and a videogame, but I haven’t seen any of them.
I really like this anime for several reasons: 1- It’s about science. 2. It is about time travelling. 3-It has a good end (in my opinion). 4-It’s based a little bit on real things. 5- none of my favorites characters died.



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