The Maze Runner …revisited by Carmen Martínez

As Alia did some weeks ago (see past blog), I have also read “The Maze Runner”, by James Dashner, and I continue reading the fabulous trilogy this author has written. The second book is called “The Scorch Trials”, and it’s as good as the first one, or even better.
So last Sunday I went to the cinema to watch the film, which I had been waiting for since its premiere. My expectations were really high.
I loved it! Although it was not actually a very good adaptation – the books have many more details and the films change a lot of things I won’t mention so that I don´t write spoilers – it has some amazing visual effects you would never be able to tell.
The recreation of the place where the boys live while they are solving the maze is great. The actors are very expressive and I think the personality of each guy is really well reflected on the script, which is also entertaining and never boring at all.
I recommend this film to everybody who likes fantasy and science-fiction (and a bit of fun, too!)
Carmen Martínez.


Students… Elisa Carballo

Hello, my name is Elisa.
I´m shy with the people I do not know, but when I’m with my friends I’m very chatty.
I love meeting my friends they are very friendly, honest and funny.
I don’t like the people who believe they are the best and my friends hate it too. In my group there is no leader.
When I m angry, my friends don’Elisa Carballo selfiet speak so much with me because I have a very strong character (I hate this) At the same time I’m sensitive and I love the spring and the summer because I’m cheerful (I meet my friends, I go to Galicia , I prectice skateboarding and I travel )
I like going to Galicia because I love animals and my father’s cousin and uncle have a farm. When I was 7 and 8 years I used to ride a horse and in Galicia I can do it every year.
In my free time I like skateboarding or doing any sport.
I’m a little lazy, I like watching TV and playing on my computer or smart phone.
I think this is all about me.
Elisa Carballo

Steins Gate review by Diego Ruiz Arcas

41011Steins Gate
Review by Diego Ruiz Arcas
I finished watching one of my favorites animes some days ago. It’s called Steins Gate. It´s about a group of friends who, without knowing it, created a time-machine, or at least, the beginning, because it can only send messages to the past and nothing else. In the same way that the story goes, more characters appears, but you´ll ground off with all of them.
The firsts chapters are funny, in calm, moving slowly with the argument, but the moment you hear: “-Eh? My clock’s not working…” get ready for the worst, because that will happen. After that, there are a lot of deaths again and again and again and more action. You’ll understand what I mean if you see it.
About music and animation? What can I say? I fell in love with both. I can’t stop listening to the opening and the animation goes correctly and the characters are very well drawn. It has got manga, an audiovisual novel and a videogame, but I haven’t seen any of them.
I really like this anime for several reasons: 1- It’s about science. 2. It is about time travelling. 3-It has a good end (in my opinion). 4-It’s based a little bit on real things. 5- none of my favorites characters died.

Aroa Cantero and Susana Seco

selfie ssusana aroaMy name is Susana and this is my personality.
I´m cold because I´m a little bit shy. When you meet me I´m very friendly. I´m so quiet. I´m polite, honest and very relaxed. I´m very quiet, I love silence but sometimes Ican be a little bit chatty.

Hi! I´m Aroa. I´m 14 years old. I live in a small town called Santander (Cantabria). I consider myself a shy girl, my friends say that I´m crazy and very funny at the same time.
I have got long curly blonde hair. My eyes are green and blue (depends on the day). I´m tall and slim, but that doesn´t worry me.

The Maze Runner – Review by Alia ramos

Just a few days ago_1373318592, I started reading an interesting book called “The maze runner”, by James Dashner. I heard about it on the news, they said that the film was based on the book with the same title, and It  got my interest.
It tells the story of a boy, Thomas, who one day gets up in a kind of clearing without remembering anything about his life. He discovered that other 40 boys, no girl, lived there, and that they were trying to escape from that place.
But the problem with all of that was that the only way to get out of the clearing was a labyrinth inhabited by strange creatures called “grievers” that attack at night. So the only moment when they could get out of the maze was during the day. Thomas was trying to get accustomed to the clearing’s routine when a girl arrived there. She didn’t remember anything. She carried a short note with her “She is the last one, no m61Qt6sV5h5L._SL1000_ore will arrive”. I read it in two days and I really liked it. It has lots of action and it is very nice to read.
My favourite character was Minho, the leader of the guys that every day came into the maze. I think he is very brave and clever too. Here is a picture of the actor that performs his role. I recommend everybody to read the book or watch the film, which I haven’t had the time to do yet.