Students… Alia Ramos

My name is Alia. I’m fouAlia Ramos Selfierteen. My friends could describe me as an intelligent, extroverted, polite , honest and warm person, but I think sometimes I’ m a bit cold and moody. Depending of the circumstances, I could be chatty or quiet, but most of the times I’m chatty. I’m mostly a relaxed person, often I get tense, but only in stress situations (I think).
Also I can define myself as a very athletic person, I do between 6-8 hours of sport per week. My favourite sport is fencing, I train for it three days a week and I enjoy it too much. More or less one weekend per month I go to a competition, these are really nice because everybody in my club is cheerful and friendly.
I  also like listening to music, hanging out with my friends on the weekend, watching films and, over all of this, my favourite thing in the whole world is reading. In my free time, I’m reading all the time.
Well, I think that’s all about me.


Students… Adrián Iurasog

Hello! I’m Adrian and I’m 14 years oldAdrian V. Iurasog Selfie.
I’m usually shy with people that I don’t know, but if I speak a lot with someone and he will become my friend I’ll be honest and a warm person.
I’m polite with adult people and with people that are polite with me too.
I’m friendly with everybody and I’m always cheerful.
Sometimes I’m sensitive or tense but that rarely happens.
I’m not extroverted but I like people that are friendly, honest, cheerful and warm with me.
That’s all

Students… Mario Cantera

Mario Cantera selfie

My name is Mario Cantera. I am fourteen years old. I live in Santander, Cantabria.
I am quiet tall; I have long brown hair, and hazel eyes.
I am shy with people I don´t know and chatty with people I know. I am an honest person. I am also a cold person.
Generally I am friendly and polite. When I want I am a hard-working student.
I play baseball and paddle tennis, I like travelling and my favorite country is Mexico. I would like to go to U.S.A and Egypt.
My favorite film is “four rooms” by Quentin Tarantino. My favorite singer is Johnny Cash.
The actor and director I like best is Clint Eastwood.

Excursion to Suances

On Friday 3rd October, all groups of 3º E.S.O. went to a trip from Barreda to Suances. It was our first excursion during the school year and we were all very excited. The day was expected to be fun and very nice.
The bus left us at the begining of the pedestrian way that connects Barreda with Suances, so we started walking from there.
During the march, we all speak, shout and laugh a lot. We told jokes, riddles and gossips, and we played some games, such as “Characters” or guessing films and books.
The compact mass the group formed at the beginning was stretching more and more, so people who was in the lead had to wait from laggards.
After having stopped for about fiveExcursion to Suances by Carmen Martínez 3 ESO times, faster people got upset and started walking in their own rate; the result was a difference of about ten or fifteen minutes from the arrive to Suances of the first group and the time students at the back finally got the beach where we were resting at.
There, we could wet our feet in the sea inlet; after a while in which we were allowed to buy some candy or stuff like that (a bit difficult, certainly, because all stores were closed), the bus arrived and we took off to the high-school. It was a fantastic day!
Carmen Martínez González de la Lastra 3 ESO

Excursion to Suances by Carmen Martínez 3 ESO