Hi! my name is Smy selfie sara sanchoara. I’m 14 years old. I’m from Santander and I live here with my parents and my older brother.

My friends say that I’m a little crazy but I don’t think so, I’m a little bit shy, cheerful and I’m cheerful.

I love listening to music. I like pop, metal and dupster, I have a lot of favourite singers, Auryn, Bless, The Fall, Ellie Goulding,Asking Alexandria, Skrillex, Miley Cyrus…

I really love dancing. I practice 2 hours a week. I dance modern dance and funky. I also like meeting my friends. When I was little I used to rollerblade but I am not so keen now.

In the future I want to be an astronaut or study astronomy.

Hi from Daniel

My name is Daniel, I am 14 years old. I was born in Santander, but my mother was born in Colombia, I like computer games and playing basketball. Basketball is definitely my favourite sport. My favourite player is Pau Gasol, now in Chicago Bulls.

I live with my father My selfie Daniel Puenteand my mother. I have one brother, his name is Christian Danilo and he is 21 years old. He was born in Colombia, he studied here and now he is studying in Leon (INEF)

I don’t know yet what I would like to study in the future.

Antonio Ramos, rugby fan and player!

Hi, my name is Antonio. I’m fourteen years old. I’m from Santander. I was born on the sixth of May in 2001. I’ve got one brother. His nMy Selfie Antonio Ramosame is Andrés. He is studying chemistry in Oviedo at the moment.

I love rugby and playing computer games. I play rugby with Independiente Rugby Club. My position is inside or outside centre but sometimes I play in flanker or hooker position. Also I like playing computer games like Minecraft, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and ARK Survival Evolved.

In the future I’ll go to university to do a degree in programming. And, if I can, I’ll be a rugby player.

Hello from Nerea

Hi! My name is Nerea, I´m 13 years old and I live here, in Santander.

my selfie nereaI´m small, I have brown eyes and brown hair, but in summer, some people say that I look blond – I don´t think so.

People who know me define me as a funny person, they also say that I´m warm, polite and a little shy. All of my friends like me and I like them too!

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was young, and finally I´ve decided to be English teacher cause I´m mad about the English language. I want to go to England and study there for a few months, that must be incredible.

I really like pizza and chocolate, they are my favourite food and… about my hobbies, well, I love sleeping, watching TV and eating popcorns so definitely I´m a couch potato!

That’s all! ♥

Javi plays football

Hello ! I´m Javi, I am fun, cheerful, a little bit shy and perfectionist. I´m from Santander ( Spain ). My parents’ names are Javi and Montse. I have a bMy Selfie Francisco Javier Villotarother, his name is Óscar and he is 8 years old.

I like sports. I love football, my favorite football teams are Real Racing Club de Santander and Real Sporting de Gijón. My favourite football player is David Villa.

I play in a football time called Escuela Municipal de Santander .I studied in María Sanz de Sautuola and now in La Albericia.

In the future I want to be a football player but, as this is very difficult, I would like to be a physiotherapist or a P.E teacher.

Hi! This is Rodney here

Hello! MyMy selfie Rodney name is Rodney and i’m 14 years old. I don´t live in Santander, I live in Soto de la Marina. I´m tall and my hair is brown.

I really like sports, I love football and I also do muay thai. They are very different sports. I play football because I like it and I do muay thai to vent.

In the future I want to be a P.E teacher, a police officer or a soldier.

Sofía likes to introduce herself

Hi! My name is SofíMy selfie Sofia Herreroa and I’m 14 years old. I live in Soto de la Marina, which is near Santander.
I’m not very tall but that doesn’t really bother me. My hair is brown and long and my eyes are also brown. When it’s the first time that I’m with someone I’m very shy and I don’t speak a lot, but with my friends I’m very funny.
I like hanging out with my friends, playing the guitar, reading and listening to music. I also like dancing. I love chocolate and pizza.
In the future I want to study law or psichology in Madrid and then return to Santander and live here. If I have a house with a big garden, I will have one or two dogs. I would love to travel around the world and visit a lot of different countries.
I think this is all about me.

Marta Gómez says hello

Hi! My name´s Marta and I´m 14 years old . I live in Santander, (Cantabria). I have one brother. His name is Oscar and he is 21 years old.

My selfie Marta GómezI ́m not very tall, I have brown eyes and brown hair. Some friends say that I’m likeable, shy and polite.

I love animals, in particular dogs. I have one dog, his name is Ares.

I like dancing . I go to a dance academy in Liencres (Cantabria) . It´s my hobby.

I like salad, pizza, chocolate and fruit .I don´t like vegetables.

In the future, I want to be a nurse or a vet. Because I like to help people.  I HOPE YOU LIKE my presentation!!

Laura García Gaitán and her dreams

Hi, my name is Laura, I’m 14 years old. I was born in Santander, Cantabria. I am friendly, polite, smart, pleasant and affectionate.

I’m not very tall, my hair is dark blonde and my eyes are blue.

I’ve done rollerblading, kickboxing but I prefer football. I like drawing, listening to music and meeting my My Selfie Laura Garcíafriends. I also like going to the cinema to watch horror films.

I love animals, I have a dog, his name is Shanks. I’ve got four cats, their names are Mimi, Kitty, Silver and Luffy. And I also have a hamster and a sparrow, and their names are Perhaps and Pichín. All my pets have been collected from the street, and I’ve raised them since they were young.

In the future I want to be a vet. I might travel to Autralia, I want to live and study there. Australia is a bit far though, but I think it must be a wonderful place.

Hello from Esther

My selfie EstherHello! My name´s Esther. I´m 14 years old. I have got one brother. His name is Alejandro. I get on well with him.

I am tall and thin.As regards my personality I am funny, extrovert and I´m always happy.

I go to music school It´s called Ataulfo Argenta. I love going to my music school because it´s my second home.This is my hobby because I like studying music very much.

In the future I want to be a primary school teacher, because I like children and I am interested in teaching. I´m sure I will be a good teacher.